New Website and Other Exciting Things

Hello everyone! It has been a very exciting summer for us here at SET already, and things will only be heating up more in the next few weeks!

June saw us working feverishly on a brand new recording studio and radio station at the Tower St. facility to supplement the computer lab that was already there. Construction on the studios finished just in time to coincide with the end of the Restorative Justice Conference we hosted alongside the Department of Correctional Services, with help from the Berkman Center for Internet & Society. As a result, we were able to have a grand opening ceremony that showcased some of the real work being done with restorative justice in Jamaica. Check out pictures from the event here!

Speaking of the Restorative Justice Conference, it was there that we talked to several correctional authorities from other islands in the Caribbean, and there’s definitely interest in spreading the program across the Caribbean. Kevin will be visiting the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands later in the month to smooth out some details and see if it can really happen in the short term. More news after the jump!

Just two weeks after the official launch of the radio station, Tower St.’s SET 88.9 FM is broadcasting 4 hours of live programming, 5 days a week. The programs are really great–check out the “Our Projects” soon for descriptions and, hopefully, some recordings.

SET headquarters (at Destiny Productions on Constant Spring Rd.) is hopping right now with new people. We have two interns from the United States for the summer–Larisa from UC Berkeley and Christina from Harvard–who are helping out with everything from drafting up consent forms to imposing some much needed structure on the SET project. We’ll be entertaining even more guests in the next few weeks as DJ Wayne&Wax, Boston Jerk and long-time friend of SET, swings into Kingston followed closely by Oliver and Dan from Antenna Alliance. They’ll be helping us tweak some equipment and teach software and hardware workshops with the inmates, which should be really great.

We like entertaining guests at our digital home, too, so feel free to leave some big-ups below! And don’t forget to check back regularly for more exciting news as the summer rolls on.

From Darkness to Light
From Evil to Good
From Ignorance to Enlightenment
-Students Expressing Truth-


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