SET Journal, 07/18

The SET team started off the week with a farewell, as friend and teacher Wayne Marshall went home on Monday morning. We were determined to make sure that the lessons he began teaching would be continued, though, and headed to Ft. Augusta later in the afternoon. We taught the ladies the basics about setting up a microphone for recording, including how to manage levels, filter out background noise, and do a sound check. Then we reviewed the basics of multitrack recording and basic sound editing. Everyone had a pretty good time, and the ladies left excited and ready to work on their digital storytelling skills.

Today, the SET team visited the Ft. Augusta again to attend their weekly meeting. There were so many persons that we had to meet in the chapel instead of the SET computer lab, which is a great sign!

First, we had the good news that, thanks to the efforts of Superintendent Stone, the lab has been open everyday, allowing the classes to continue steadily. This is great news and we are very grateful to Supt. Stone for her firm support.

Next, the SET president led the welcome and the opening procedures. The agenda of each SET meeting –even the format!–is determined fully by the inmates, and at Ft. Augusta each meeting includes a reading of the scripture, a welcome, a prayer, a vocabulary word, and a different inspirational thought of the day. After these, Christina gave a quick explanation of the spelling bee and went over basic spelling strategies, common word roots, and so on. Then we launched straight into a very interesting discussion about the day’s topic (chosen by inmates)–abortion.

The inmates had a lot to say about abortion, and their opinions were all over the map. It was fascinating to hear them debate with each other over the moral issues and practical consequences of abortion, and everyone was forced to think about situations that they had not necessarily taken into consideration before. The debate eventually shifted to the differences in the way Jamaican society deals with boys and girls, and how homophobia was directly causing Jamaican boys to be more aggressive and violent. The long discussion eventually wrapped up, and the meeting was concluded by the traditional Ft. Augusta SET farewell.

As much as we miss Wayne already, we won’t be alone for long because Oliver, Dan, and Christopher of Antenna Alliance are coming in tonight for a 5 day tech run. We’ll keep you up to date on all the work they’re doing!


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[…] doubt served to pique their curiosity further. This week Christina and Larisa already returned to follow-up, demonstrating further dimensions of the software and delivering some tutorial materials. I can’t […]

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