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Deportation to Jamaica and Parole

(Note: We at SET want to help shed some light on the confusing situation of being imprisoned. We hope that families will find this information useful. We are speaking out of our knowledge of how to system works and do not officially represent the Jamaican Department of Correctional Services. For more reliable information, please contact the Department yourself.)

We got an email today that posed an interesting question. If a Jamaican is in prison in a foreign country (in this case, Canada) and has a deportation order back to Jamaica that will take effect as soon as he is granted parole, who, if anyone will be responsible for his supervision back in Jamaica?

After consulting with DCS, this is the answer we’ve come up with. When a foreign corrections system releases an inmate on parole, they are responsible for his or her supervision. However, they can only supervise parolees in the country of their jurisdiction, so if said inmate is deported they can no longer supervise him or her. When that inmate gets deported back to his or her home country, they have no criminal record about that particular crime and so the Jamaican Department of Correctional Services will have no jurisdiction over him/her. Basically, if a foreign correctional department releases an inmate on parole and that inmate is deported, they will lose the ability to supervise said inmate.