Our Projects

SET has designed a series of programmes to foster a spirit of entrepreneurship, community, and self-improvement among inmates.

Education & Training

Our approach to inmate education is unique for two reasons:

1) We stimulate interest in subjects traditionally unpopular subjects like literacy and numeracy by first showing their application in engaging activities such as video editing.
2) We believe in a cascading system of training, where a few inmates are trained by outsiders or educational software and become responsible for training the rest of the group. This method is good because the inmates feel total ownership of the curriculum, the community interaction is much enriched as a result, and the project is fully sustainable within the system.

The classes that have been offered through the program include: Mathematics, English, History, Science, and Sociology.

SET also teaches classes in marketable skills such as: Video Production, Audio Production, Landscaping and Construction, and Basic and Advanced Computing Skills. Inmates graduating from the SET program have often found jobs at media companies because of the skills they learned in these classes.

Spelling Bee

For the last few years, we have held a spelling beewith great results. This year’s competition will be held at the end of July and will have a focus on Greek and Latin roots so that the inmates can discover the connection between spelling and meaning as well as learn to spell other, similar words.

More details soon!

Quiz Competition

The quiz competition generally takes place at the end of the year. It is a team activity, so inmates have to learn teamwork skills like team organization and learning in groups.

More information as this year’s competition approaches!

And more…

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