One of the most exciting projects SET has undertaken is the creation of a recording studio/radio station complex in the Tower St. Adult Correctional Centre. As far as I know, this is the first prison radio project in Jamaica and, indeed, in the whole Caribbean!

The ultimate goal was to create a medium through which any person in the corrections community—-including correctional officers, administrators, and inmates—-can express him- or herself to the rest of the community. Therefore, the radio station will serve as an invaluable platform for both inmate expression as well as inter- and intra-facility bonding through instructional programs that are broadcast to the whole community and programs where members from each facility are invited to participate, like community-wide competitions. Not only will this foster useful and necessary communication and synchronization within the community, it will also train inmates in all aspects of the radio production and presentation process.

SET FM is now operational and broadcasting 4 hours of live programming a day, five days a week. Most of the programs are conceptualized, researched, produced, and hosted entirely by inmates! For now, the broadcast is only available to those in the facility, but we are working with DCS to get internet streaming up and running. Stay tuned!

For more information, see the programming schedule (.doc file).

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