Support Us

Although SET has existed for a very successful 7 years, we have reached a stage where further growth is very difficult without additional funding and help. For the last few years, SET’s maintenance and growth has fallen almost entirely on the shoulders of Mr. Kevin Wallen, and while he is still as devoted to the project as ever, it is simply impossible for him to make sure all three SET groups are running smoothly by himself and still have time for his day job as CEO of Destiny Productions.

SET is currently actively soliciting sponsorships and donations, especially from Jamaicans and Jamaican companies and corporations, whom we invite to join the Friends of SET. The funding we obtain will either be used to directly purchase equipment needed by the SET groups or, eventually, to hire more personnel to work on the project full time. This page will soon have a PayPal option for easy credit card payment, but for now please contact us at studentsexpressingtruth AT gmail DOT com.

If you are interested in volunteering with SET and are in the Kingston area (or would like to come!), please email SET at studentsexpressingtruth AT gmail DOT com. We welcome any help, but would especially benefit from persons with technical skills (radio, audio/video production, computer maintenance), strong writing/publicity/marketing abilities, teaching experience, or experience in corrections, developmental psychology, or psychiatry.

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