Friends of SET

The Friends of SET is a group of companies and individuals who are concerned with the welfare and future development of Jamaica and wish to encourage and empower the SET foundation’s mission. We wish for all Friends of SET to be Jamaican companies or companies with major holdings in Jamaica, to promote a sense of community responsibility and local sustainability. Each Friend of SET pledges a certain amount of commitment—the amount and frequency donated is entirely up to them—that will add up to make sure that the SET project has continuous income. Each Friend will receive annual reports on the progress of SET and be invited to certain events throughout the year that showcase the inmates’ work.

Why Should YOU or YOUR COMPANY be a Friend of SET?

In addition to being a great cause, SET is also an excellent choice for your company’s sponsorship for financial reasons. First, SET is an officially recognized non-governmental organization, so all donations to us are tax-deductible. Secondly, SET frequently hosts events and conferences with prestigious attendees and sponsors—such as major political leaders and leading scholars—where your company’s logo could be featured prominently. Furthermore, SET has excellent visibility overseas and has received attention from powerful international entities like UNESCO, Kiwanis International, and Harvard University. Audio and video productions by the inmates will have a place for logos of the Friends of SET, and this content is frequently sent to these attentive organizations who are sure to appreciate the contributions of your socially responsible company. Lastly, SET’s extensive and international alumni network will certainly keep your company’s generosity in mind. So give back to the community, let everyone know that your company is dedicated to a better Jamaica, and get some excellent publicity in the process!

If you are interested, email us!

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