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STUDENTS – Those who are humble and open no matter who, where, or how old they are. It is one of the most humble things that you can be, because no matter how much you know, there is always room to leave the door open to the possibilities that exist.

EXPRESSING – To talk about something is all good and done, but to express it is just a complete different ball game. We do not encourage our members to tell, we encourage them to express themselves from the bottom of their hearts.

TRUTH – The truth is God. It is love. It is everything amazing, and it is all powerful.

The stigma of having been in prison–combined with most ex-inmates’ limited education, illiteracy, poor life skills, and high unemployment–makes it particularly difficult for former inmates to successfully reintegrate into society and gain employment, which in turn leads to repeat offenses and a high recidivism rate. SET, an inmate-driven transformative program that grew out of an inmate literacy program, seeks to address this and help reform Jamaican society from its lowest level. Through SET, the inmate becomes a constructive player who can contribute meaningfully to society, while the community in turn gains a new citizen who can contribute to the process of restorative transformation and economic growth.

The SET foundation is led by its Executive Director, Mr. Kevin Wallen, who adopted the project in its early stages and has been dedicated to maintaining its growth and success ever since. He leads a team of outside volunteers that help the inmates at Tower St., Ft. Augusta, and South Camp Adult Correctional Centres in Jamaica, working under the auspices of the Jamaican Department of Correctional Services. SET runs a number of projects in these facilities, including a prison radio station, a video/audio production group, academic competitions, and a variety of courses available to the greater inmate population ranging from traditional academic courses to technical training in highly employable areas such as multimedia production and desktop publishing.

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